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Shiitake and Chicken with Wasabi

Shiitake and Chicken with Wasabi recipe

INGREDIENTS  2 servings

  10 grams dried sliced shiitake mushroom
120 grams chicken tenderloin, cut into 3cm cubes
  20 grams mitsuba(Japanese Parsley) or Perilla or radish sprouts , cut into 2cm
  30 ml        soup stock made from kombu
    2 tsp       soy sauce
    2 tsp       sake
    +             wasabi




Place the dried shiitake mushroom in a bowl and cover with 60ml water.
Soak for 30 minutes, reserve the liquid.



Put 30ml of the reserved liquid, kombu stock, soy sauce, and sake in a pot set over medium heat, cook to boil.
Add the chicken meat, and cook until the chicken is nearly done.



Then add the drained and squeezed shiitake mushroom, simmer until the meat is cooked.
Remove from heat, add mitsuba, and cover, let cool.



Mix the wasabi, and serve.

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