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Shiitake is the best Umami enhancer

"Shiitake"and "Umami"are Japanese word. But, today, most of the shiitake is made in China, or cultivated by artificial substrate.

Almost Japanese Dried Shiitake is Natural log cultivation. 

You might not have eaten yet nature made Shiitake.  Over 95% of the Shiitake available in supermarkets is artificial substrate cultivation.


Nature made Shiitake contains rich "Guanosine monophosphate (GMP).
GMP makes glutamate taste more intensely Umami.


How about using the Shiitake of Natural log cultivation, instead of MSG (artificial glutamic acid)?


Natural log-cultivated dried shiitake in Japan are substantially produced through organic cultivation.

We are now Kosher Certified!!!

Natural log cultivation in Japan.


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All food has Glu.


Almost, every food contains Natural Glutamic acid. We feel yummy by glutamate taste.
This list shows common food content Natural Glutamic Acid per 200 cal.
Perhaps the list is ordered of delicious foods.


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GMP enhance Glu.


GMP (Guanosine) makes glutamate taste more intensely umami.


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Sawtooth oak is famous as it's sweet Sap.
GMP is made from Wood


In Japan, we use "sawtooth oak" for cultivate shiitake.
Sawtooth oak is famous as it's sweet Sap.


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    How to Use    

Like a Bay leaf

If you have the sliced shiitake and cooking stew cuisine, throw it into the pot like Bay leaves.


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To be most delicious, please sink cold water until 24 hours in fridge.


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For professional

Let's make Shiitake soup stock.
This makes every dish more yummy as a secret ingredient.


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